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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Episodic Series continues with book 3, "Grim Reaper The New World."

The Boyds and their friends are excited that they may possibly come up with a zombie cure from the help of their super smart scientist friend, Jason.

Then it happens the Grim Reaper comes calling for one of the team.  An unexpect, untimely death puts a lot of stress on the group as they deal with the grim reapers decision.

 Rolla is overrun with zombies and the Boyd face some tough decisions while going through the peril less times.

Will the death of one of the team members cause a riff or bring them closure together on their race to find the cure? 

In this Episodic adventure the team will have to search deep into their souls to continue on, pressing forward to find the cure now that the zombies have over run the small town of Rolla, Missouri while dealing with the grief and loss of one they knew and loved.

"Grim Reaper The New World" (book 3) should be out in the middle to end of April, 2012.

UPDATE: Book 3 "Grim Reaper The New World" is out and ready for purchase on Simply click the link below to be taken to Amazon's secure order page:

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  1. I just started and finished book 2 of this series. I like the writing but what is the deal with a 1 hour book. this book never really had a chance to get some zombie action and ot was over. I am disappointed in the length